Cash Van Services

We have been providing cash van services and manned services we have bullets and non bullet proof cash van services with solid locking system and the efficient modern communication system keeping the public interest in mind. The objective is to reduce the response time for prevention of crime and to reduce losses in cash.

The service range of the Cash Services division includes secured transfer of cash and valuables, ATM replenishment, Vaulting and Processing Services, multi-point cash collection and Caretaker Services

  • Transfer of Cash and Valuables to and from banks
  • ATM Replenishment
  • Multi point cash collection
  • Secured transfer of valuables
  • Caretaker Services
  • Vaulting and Processing of Cash



(a) Trained Guard
(B) Aram Guard
(C) Cash Van Escort
(D) Rake/Truck Escort
(E) Canine Service
(F) Fire Management
(G) Logistic support services
(H) VIP Escort Services
(I) Intelligence
(J) Security & Fire Counseling.