Important Events Handled (Security Arrangement)

1. Visit of Mr. Ratan Tata at R.M.C.E. , Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. ( Testimonials attached)
2. International Book Exhibition at Tagore Society, Jamshedpur. ( 1993-96)
3. Handled Law & Order situation arising of labour unrest at Eastern Sympack Ltd, Jamshedpur. ( Testimonials Attached)
4. Gram Shree Mela- Organised by Tata Rural Deveploment Society.
5. Bravo Security- Customers Meet 25th May 1997.
6. Handled Security Arrangement for Indian & West Indian Teams at Hotel Regeant & Keenan Stadium, Jamshedpur. ( During their visit & stay for the One day International Cricket Match held in Jamshedpur on November 6th, -2002.) (Testimonials Attached)
7. Handled Law & Order duty in Jamshedpur, under Suptd. Of Police, East- Singhbhum (Placed under various Thanas) for the period 26.02.2003 to 27.02.2003 27.02.2004 during the mass leave by the Police Havaldars/ Homeguards. (Testimonials Attached)
8. Visit of Managing Director- Tata Steel, Mr. B. Muthuraman at SNTI (G.T. Hostel)(Testimonials Attached)
9. Visit of Managing Director, Voltas Ltd. to Jamshedpur.
10.Security Coverage to Ms. Priyanka Chopra (Former Miss World) on her visit to Jamshedpur. (November 2002)
11.Security Arrangement at Sudesh Bhosle show in Ranshi & Jamshedpur. (August 2001)
12.Security coverage to Ms.Diya Mirza (Cine Actress) on her visit to Jamshedpur. (August 2000)



(a) Trained Guard
(B) Aram Guard
(C) Cash Van Escort
(D) Rake/Truck Escort
(E) Canine Service
(F) Fire Management
(G) Logistic support services
(H) VIP Escort Services
(I) Intelligence
(J) Security & Fire Counseling.