Fire Services

1. Is an association of fire service personnel are dedicated to upgrading fire fighting techniques and safety through training.

2. During duty hours, fire fighters must be prepared to respond immediately to a fire or other emergency. Fighting fires is complex and dangerous and requires organization and teamwork. At every emergency scene, fire fighters perform specific duties.

3.The prime duty of the organization is to protect life and property from fire. The different functions are as under,To prevent / combat fires
  • Issue of fire safety guide lines.
  • Issue of no objection certificate from fire safety
  • Fire safety arrangements during public and private functions.
  • Issue of Fire reports.
  • Organizing fire safety lectures/demonstrations/training/awareness programme.
  • Provision of standby arrangements.



(a) Trained Guard
(B) Aram Guard
(C) Cash Van Escort
(D) Rake/Truck Escort
(E) Canine Service
(F) Fire Management
(G) Logistic support services
(H) VIP Escort Services
(I) Intelligence
(J) Security & Fire Counseling.