It gives me a great pleasure to bring-out a Brochure of BRAVO SECURITY SERVICES (P)LTD.,on the occasion of completing its 20 Years of dedicated security services. To commemorate the occasion we have organized a customers meet on 21st May 1997 with a view to share their thought and ideas and we are pledging ourselves to continue to provide a dedicated services to all our present and future customers.

Since the beginning of our company, we have always endeavored to relieve our customers to their strain from protecting their personal & properties and enforcing Industrial harmony & discipline. There might have been some short-comings, though not deliberate, Our customers must also realized that we are dealing with human beings. We assure you that we believe in the maximum and in the run for perfection & excellence there is no finishing line. Bravo security services (P) Ltd. Was incorporated on 25th May 1992having its registered office at Adityapur, Jamshedpur with 4 divisions mainly:

  • Security contact Division
  • Security Training Division
  • Detective & Surveillance Division
  • Utility service Division



(a) Trained Guard
(B) Aram Guard
(C) Cash Van Escort
(D) Rake/Truck Escort
(E) Canine Service
(F) Fire Management
(G) Logistic support services
(H) VIP Escort Services
(I) Intelligence
(J) Security & Fire Counseling.