Railway /Truck Escorting

1. providing logistics support services for ensuring safe transportation of man & material up to its destination.

2. comply with all federal, state, and local regulations, of the Information, and Instructions such other special safety provisions as may be set forth in any inquiry;

(b) designate one person to be responsible for carrying out the obligations under this clause;

(d) maintain an educational program to assure the inclusion of safety instructions as part of job assignment;

3. we are carry out regular safety inspection at the work site to ensure that all safety measures are being properly maintained/followed and maintain a record of observations made and corrective actions taken. The Contractor shall also carry out load test on his erection equipment, tools, tackles, lifting devices etc. and maintain a record of the test results.

4. as on date we are safely escorted more than 15,000 of vehicles form various places to its destinations without any accident/ loss of man & materials



(a) Trained Guard
(B) Aram Guard
(C) Cash Van Escort
(D) Rake/Truck Escort
(E) Canine Service
(F) Fire Management
(G) Logistic support services
(H) VIP Escort Services
(I) Intelligence
(J) Security & Fire Counseling.